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HURT - Vol.1

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HURT - Vol.1 Empty HURT - Vol.1

Post  Mr007 Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:37 pm

A year or so ago a friend recommended this band, Hurt, to me. At the moment I had a lot of new music to listen to and process, so I took the band's existence to my knowledge, but never actually gave them a listen. Two weeks ago I got really bored, so I went on YouTube and looked them up. The first thing I saw was this:

It was one of the best music videos I have ever seen, so I decided to download one of Hurt's albums. The logical choice was Vol.1, since Rapture, and one other song that I liked were on it. I never like an album the first time I hear it, but this one I liked immediately. It feels as if you can expect anything from this band, one moment they sound soft but then before you know it they start screaming, but it all sounds very articulate and you have the feeling that screaming is exactly what should be in that part of the song. I decided not to download more of their albums for now because this one deserves my full attention. Once I feel ready for a new album by Hurt I will probably write a review for it too. For now, my absolute favorites from this album are (in no specific order):

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