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The Replacements- "Let It Be"

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The Replacements- "Let It Be" Empty The Replacements- "Let It Be"

Post  lunamoonfang Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:34 am

Brad Stengel's Magical Musical Orgy of Sound
I've been wanting to do a top music thread for awhile now, but what's always keeping me from doing so is the lack of music I own. I have albums by Brian Eno, Silver Apples, Can, Flaming Lips, Blonde Redhead, The Smiths, etc., on my wishlist that I'm almost positive I'd enjoy enough to put on some sort of top music list, yet because I havent heard all of them, no can do. I really hate leaving stuff off lists, so I've figured a way to prevent so with this thread.

I've decided to list my top 30 favorite musical purchases in a given year (this one is 2006). That way theres a finite number of albums for me to consider, and anything that doesn't make it, I'm fine with. These albums cover between the years 1967-2005, so theres alot of stuff to be included. Keep in mind only stuff that I heard during 2006 is mentioned- so if I leave something off, it might be that I hadnt heard it yet, or heard it a year before. Hope everyone enjoys.

Best Music Purchases of 2006:
30. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- "Thank God For Mental Illness"
29. Husker Du- "Zen Arcade"
28. Sonic Youth- "Sister"
27. of Montreal- "The Sunlandic Twins"
26. Pavement- "Slanted & Enchanted"
25. Wire- "Chairs Missing"
24. Neutral Milk Hotel- "On Avery Island"
23. Weezer- "Weezer (The Blue Album)"
22. Iggy & the Stooges- "Raw Power"
21. Bob Dylan- "Highway 61 Revisited"
20. Pere Ubu- "Terminal Tower"
19. Husker Du- "New Day Rising"
18. Violent Femmes- "Violent Femmes"
17. Richard Hell & the Voidoids- "Blank Generation"
16. The Magnetic Fields- "69 Love Songs"
15. The Replacements- "Let It Be"

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