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Thickened Endometrium

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Thickened Endometrium Empty Thickened Endometrium

Post  mrsamct Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:17 am

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Hyperplasia or thickened endometrium is a condition, where the lining of the uterus becomes too thick. The thickened endometrium lining leads to abnormal bleeding. Thickened endometrium causes are too much estrogen in the body, irregular menstrual cycle and deficiency of progesterone. The thickened endometrium or hyperplasia is a non-cancerous condition.

Classification of Thickened Endometrium
The glands forming cells of the hyperplastic endometrium undergo changes when they are predisposed to the cancerous formation. There are two types of endometrial hyperplasia:

* Hyperplasia without atypical changes
* Hyperplasia with atypical changes

In case of atypical changes, the cells are changed and become abnormal. This increases the risk of developing womb cancer.

Symptoms of Thickened Endometrium
The symptoms of thickened endometrium include:

* Vaginal discharge
* Bleeding between menstrual cycle
* Heavy and prolonged menstrual periods
* Pain in the abdomen
* Pelvic pain

Who are at Risk of Developing Thickened Endometrium
The women who are at risk of developing thickened endometrium are:

* Women who have undergone menopause
* Women who don't ovulate or have irregular ovulation, that is, late periods
* Obese or overweight women
* Diabetics
* Women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Diagnosis of Thickened Endometrium
The diagnosis of thickened endometrium depends on your age and how long have you been suffering from thickened endometrium. The doctor may carry out a biopsy before carrying out thickened endometrium treatment and also to rule out cancer.

Thickened Endometrium Treatment
Endometrial hyperplasia or thickened endometrium can be treated with medication in many cases. Birth control pills or hormone progesterone is usually given as medication for thickened endometrium treatment. Most often hysterectomy is advised as thickened endometrium treatment. Many times hyperplasia may lead to cancer and therefore the doctor may observe you for some time, if you do not undergo hysterectomy. Read more on women's health.

This was some information on thickened endometrium. There is significant risk factor involved with endometrial hyperplasia or thickened endometrium for endometrial cancer. Speak to your doctor regarding the condition and make sure you follow the treatment advised to avoid complications.


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