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How to Avoid Depression After Abortion

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How to Avoid Depression After Abortion Empty How to Avoid Depression After Abortion

Post  mrsamct Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:21 am

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To begin with, the decision of ending the life breathing inside you is excruciatingly difficult, even though it is sometimes the most obvious choice you have. Going through the whole thing is extremely painful, both emotionally and physically. Even if you are confident about your choice, it does leave an indelible mark on your mind, making you feel guilty at some point. Guilt, frustration and helplessness are main reasons why women suffer from depression after abortion. This traumatic experience is tough to deal with, as it cannot be ever forgotten. However, you need to remember that an abortion is not the end of your life. Here’s taking a look at how to avoid depression after abortion.

To deal with any kind of a problem, you need to first accept it. Negating or ignoring the emotional upheaval, only worsens the problem. A problem cannot be treated if it is not accepted. Getting back to work immediately after abortion and getting involved in activities which do not leave you much scope to think about the recent events, will dispose your depression temporarily. Give yourself sometime to understand your feelings, so that you can deal with them better.

Share Your Sorrows
It is only natural to get aloof from your social circle post abortion to circumvent all the questions and unwanted sympathy. However, the more you try to move away from them, the more complex your emotional health will get. Bottled emotions have negative effects on one’s physical well being and psychological well being too. The more you try to bury your feelings, higher is the chance of them causing severe depression. Thus, share your sorrows with your family, friends and your partner. Allow them to be a part of your sadness, just as you have shared some of the happiest times with them.

Take some time off work and indulge in things you like to do. Many a times, hobbies and interests take a backseat due to a relationship. To get over your depression, make a list of things you want to do and get down to actually doing them. Set goals, make a plan of action and see them through. Small accomplishments will revive your confidence in yourself and rebuild your self-worth. Feeling depressed is obvious and natural. So, do not pace yourself to get over depression. It is a gradual process, which takes a while. Being optimistic and positive can go a long way in helping you cope with depression.

Moving On
Once you have accepted the reality and you are making an effort to deal with it, you will get over the depression. Constantly reveling in your mistakes or the past won’t lead you anywhere. Thus, give yourself another chance to conceive or to adopt. Opening your mind to these options, will help you get a fresh perspective on parenthood.

Sometimes getting an abortion is the only way out of an unwanted pregnancy. A harsh decision as such does make a woman feel guilty and leave her in distress. However, if you do not deal with your guilt, the feeling of despair and helplessness is only going to add to your trauma. This feeling will reveal itself through outbursts of anger, troubled marriage, bouts of anxiety, panic and eating disorders. These offshoots can worsen the depression and aggravate the situation without you realizing it. The answer for how to avoid depression after abortion, is to be proactive and optimistic while dealing with your situation. Depression after abortion seems like the toughest thing to handle. It does make a woman lonely and put her in inexplicable self-doubt. However, if you allow yourself sometime, getting over depression won't seem impossible.


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