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Acid Reflux Triggers

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Acid Reflux Triggers Empty Acid Reflux Triggers

Post  mrsamct Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:11 am

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When food is eaten, it passes through lower esophageal sphincter, which is a valve at the beginning of the stomach which remains closed all the time. The only time when this valve opens is to swallow food or liquids. When this valve remains opens otherwise, the food and the acids in the stomach come up to the esophagus. This is called as acid reflux. When this food comes up, there is a burning pain in the throat and in the chest. Hence, acid reflux is also known as heartburn. For those in whom this occurrence takes place for more than twice a week, this becomes a disease, which is also known as the gastroesophageal reflux diseases - GERD.

Acid Reflux: Causes & Symptoms
There are several things that act as acid reflux triggers. Some of the common causes of acid reflux are:

* Obesity
* Alcohol
* Smoking
* Pregnancy
* Indigestion
* Certain medications
* Spicy food
* Foods like garlic and onions
* Huge amount of food
* Carbonated and caffeine rich drinks
* Laying down after a meal

All these causes are also known as the acid reflux triggers. The common symptoms of acid reflux disease are:

* Bloating
* Heartburn
* Nausea
* Burping
* Chest pain
* Sore throat
* Wheezing cough
* Weight loss

In worst cases, people may suffer from asthma and dental erosion. If any of the above symptoms persist for a long period of time, then consultation with the doctor is recommended. If these symptoms are not cured in time, further complications may arise.

Foods that Trigger Acid Reflux
Acid reflux triggers include some types of foods. These foods cannot be easily digested by people, and this indigestion results in acid reflux. These are also the foods to avoid with acid reflux. Let us look into them in detail.

Acidic Foods: Food items that are acidic in nature are acid reflux triggers. Vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, pineapples, grapefruits are all acidic in nature. This acidic nature of these fruits and vegetables is what triggers acid reflux in people who consume them in large quantities.

Spicy Foods: Spicy foods also find themselves in the list of acid reflux triggers. Hot and spicy food which is rich in peppers and chillies cause burning in the stomach and in the chest. Fast food irritates the stomach and triggers acid reflux. Excessive consumption of onions and garlic is also what triggers acid reflux in some people.

Alcohol: Alcohol consumption dehydrates the body. It increases the gastric levels in the body and this leads to acidity. This problem is more common in people who are allergic to alcohol.

Carbonated Drinks: Carbonated drinks are aerated. This aeration increases the pressure level in the stomach which leads to an increase in the acidity in the stomach. Aeration is what triggers acid reflux.

Caffeine: There is a high amount of caffeine present in coffee. This caffeine increases the secretion of the gastric acid in the stomach. Hence, those who drink a high amount of coffee face the problems of acid reflux. If a person must drink coffee then it is better to switch to decaf to avoid triggering acid reflux.

Meat: People don't realize this, but it is a very difficult task for our stomach to digest meat. Meat like beef and pork create more acid than fish, chicken and turkey. As meat acts as acid reflux triggers, it is necessary to cut down on the consumption. This should be done especially by those people who find that meat does not agree with them.

Dairy: Most people have the habit of drinking a glass of milk just before they go to bed. This increases the acid secretion in the stomach of these people. The acid secretion is faster and higher when the stomach is already full. In order to avoid excessive acid secretion in the stomach, it is necessary to cut down on the dairy consumption, especially on a full stomach.

Baked Foods: When you buy baked foods from the market, they contain a whole lot of preservatives and artificial colors. These preservatives increase the acidity in the stomach and is what triggers acid reflux in the person who consumes such baked foods. This is also true with all the other processed foods.

Other Foods: This category consists of vinegar, processed food and chocolate. When consumed in excessive amounts, they trigger acid reflux in the body too.


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