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Labor Acupressure

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Labor Acupressure Empty Labor Acupressure

Post  mrsamct Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:11 am

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As the due date approaches, all a pregnant woman can think about is the day when she would give birth to her child. If there are no signs of contractions even after the due date elapses, anxious would-be-mothers are forced to think about trying natural ways to self induce labor. Acupressure is one such method that is believed to be a safe way of inducing labor naturally. This is an all-natural drug-free method that can help in bringing about contractions. This technique is quite similar to acupuncture and is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. While acupuncture involves the stimulation of acupuncture points through needles, in case of acupressure, the points are stimulated by applying pressure from the fingertips. It is believed that stimulating labor acupressure points not only helps in inducing labor, it also relieves the pain experienced during labor. In this article, we will look into the effectiveness of this natural method of inducing labor.

What is Labor Acupressure

The logic behind acupressure is that stimulating certain points in the body can help in alleviating the symptoms of certain medical conditions. Acupressure has proved to be a very effective way to start labor. Acupressure is believed to help in ripening and dilating the cervix and make childbirth less painful. If the contractions don't occur after the due date, instead of using certain drugs or hormones for inducing labor, one can apply pressure to the labor acupressure points. Not only is this a safer alternative to drug or hormone-induced labor, it is easy to learn. Unlike acupuncture, where one is required to press the particular spots with needles, labor acupressure can be easily performed by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingertips. As mentioned earlier, acupressure can also significantly reduce the pain that is experienced during labor. It is believed that it can also shorten the duration of labor to some extent and help in increasing energy levels. Now that you know what is labor acupressure, let me tell you more about labor acupressure techniques and the acupressure points to induce labor naturally.

Labor Acupressure Points

Out of the many acupressure points of the body, there are certain points which, on being stimulated, can bring about uterine contractions. These, however, must not be stimulated before the due date. Hoku spot, L 4, is a labor acupressure point that lies in the webbing between the thumb and the index finger. Pressing this spot or rubbing over the spot in a circular motion for a few seconds will stimulate the large intestine and help in starting uterine contractions. If this area is pressed while a pregnant woman is in labor, it will also help in alleviating pain to some extent. Spleen 6, or the three yin crossing, also figures in the list of pressure points to induce labor. It is located above the ankle bone. Applying pressure to this point can help in ripening the cervix and strengthening the uterine contractions. Another pressure point BL 60 lies in the depression near the ankle, between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Bladder 32 is a dimpled spot that is located between the buttock and the spine. Besides these pressure points, C 7, a pressure point located in the trapezius muscle and BL 67, located towards the right of the toenail of the little toe can also be used for inducing labor. To find these labor acupressure points and effectively performing acupressure, it would be advisable to study the labor acupressure chart. If possible, meet a professional acupressure practitioner to find out more about the labor acupressure techniques. If these pressure points are pressed when a woman is already in labor, the contractions will definitely be stronger.

This was some information on how to use acupressure to induce labor. Though labor acupressure is a safer alternative than drug-induced labor, before you try to use this holistic method for inducing labor, make sure that you consult your doctor first.


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