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Acupressure Wellness Mat

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Acupressure Wellness Mat Empty Acupressure Wellness Mat

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Before we elucidate the various benefits of acupressure wellness mat, it would be to our advantage to comprehend what acupressure as a practice means. Acupressure is a traditional practice, being an orig-native of Chinese Medicine. This medical practice has its foundation set on applying pressure on certain, specific parts of the body in order to tackle complaints with regards to one's well-being. Acupressure is also considered as a lucrative option for a body massage session. Incorporating acupressure, as a method to relieve stress, is a popular choice of massage centers in order to serve their clients better. An invigorating acupressure session at a massage therapy center has the client emerging satisfied and peaceful. In the upcoming sections of the article, we probe to learn how an acupressure wellness mat works.

What is Acupressure

Acupressure has always been a priority for all those who endure symptoms of various ailments. Acupressure treatment, when conducted by expert hands proves to be a savior for clients looking out for a complete tablet-free treatment. The sector of traditional Chinese medicine, thoroughly believes in the concept of the flow of life force referred to as chi, being the governing body to maintain ones health. If this flow is interrupted, your health has a high probability of suffering. Qi deficiency may affect a specific part of the body and display symptoms that make the organ susceptible to weakness. The chi is also referred to as Qi which literally means the air we breathe, and it being the most essential component that runs through the human anatomy.

The chi energy has various pathways that it adopts to flow through the body. This energy is transported through various organs in their own unique ways. When the client approaches an acupressure practitioner with a specific complaint, the expert garners which pathway has countered a problem. The practitioner, with his skills and acquired knowledge applies pressure on body parts where the meridians or pathways are located. These body parts consist of certain pressure points, also regarded as acupressure points which when pressed, regulate the body functioning and provides immense relief. In certain cases the massage that is provided by the practitioner acts as a stress buster, thereby acting as a cathartic session resulting in an overflow, rather suspension of emotions. To enhance the effects of acupressure, acupressure mats are employed.

How Does an Acupressure Wellness Mat Work

An Acupressure session was conducted with the client resting on his back on a nail bed or spike mat. Uncanny as it may sound, this ancient technique has served to be an essential tool in order to heal the body by getting rid of ailments, playing the prime mode in the process of catharsis. Although, the appearance of this mat has changed, the principle on which it functions has remained the same. A contemporary acupressure wellness mat has a rubber pad that is made of foam with cotton and plastic discs embedded in the sac. These discs have sharp edges and spikes.

The acupressure wellness mat is regarded with several different names, however they all suggest and are meant for the same. Acupressure mat, Swedish Acupressure mat, Spike mat, Pressure Relief Mat, Fakir mat and Shakti mat are some of the pseudo-names that reveal the same - that is an acupressure wellness mat. It is when the individual lies on the acupressure wellness mat that the spikes embedded in the mat submissively prick the body, thereby activating it to release two hormones - endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphin serves to be a natural pain killer and oxytocin releases hormones that relieve stress and inhibits depressive thoughts, thereby promoting a 'feel good' factor in the individual. It is when the endorphin levels in our system dip, we feel immense pain. With the rise in its level, the pain that one experiences decreases. With the level of oxytocin rising in the body, stress levels plummet, promoting a cathartic progress. With acupressure wellness mat, the psychological and the physiological balance of the mind and body are retained.

Benefits of Acupressure Wellness Mat

To summarize, the benefits of acupressure wellness mat are as follows:

* Muscular tension and stiffness is curbed
* Effective blood circulation
* Controls blood pressure
* Tackles chronic fatigue
* Helps in getting rid of sleep disorders
* Reduces backache and relaxes the nerves
* Reduces the frequency of headaches
* Stress and anxiety is curbed
* Promotes clarity of thought.

This was all about acupressure wellness mat and the benefits it provides to the user. Hope this article on acupressure wellness mat has proved to be a beneficial read.


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