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Hyperactive Children

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a kind of neurological disorder which leads to behavioral problems in children. Hyperactivity in children and fidgeting, are the main symptoms of ADHD. Affected brain structure is one of the main causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD in children. Early diagnosis of ADHD helps calm down the hyperactive children. Early diagnosis and correct ADHD treatment help prevent the situation from worsening. Otherwise hyperactivity in young age and thood is quite difficult to control. Parents can understand from a child's behavior whether he suffers from ADHD or not. Let us take a look at causes of ADHD first.

Hyperactive Children Causes

Hyperactive children are not necessarily victims of ADHD. In fact, all children act like children with ADHD at times, especially when they are in a state of uncontrolled excitement. Anxiety, excessive emotions or nervousness make them behave like ADHD children. Sometimes, parents are responsible for hyperactivity in children. The difference between normal children and hyperactive children (with ADHD) is that symptoms of ADHD or hyperactivity are noticed for a longer period of time and not for a short while, in those children who are suffering from a neurological disorder. In case of children with ADHD, symptoms are seen in various different situations. So, what causes ADHD?

Some biological changes may cause ADHD. Genetic factors such as parents having hypertension or psychiatric disturbance, a close relative having ADHD (family history), a change in brain structure, etc. can cause ADHD in children. Neurotransmitters or chemicals in brain like dopamine are held responsible for hyperactivity in children. Improper development of brain or smaller brain is seen in children with ADHD. Excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs; excessive smoking during pregnancy can affect the development of the brain of the fetus and can thus result in having a child with ADHD. If a woman gets exposed to any kind of chemical poison (for example, polychlorinated biphenyls used in pesticide industry) during pregnancy, then she might give birth to a child with affected brain function.

Children are sometimes exposed to environmental poisons, for example, lead poisoning can affect the function of the brain significantly. Excessive exposure to fluorescent lights, food poisoning, traumatic brain injury can lead to ADHD symptoms in children. You might be surprised to know that artificial food colors and eating too much of sugar can shoot up the hyperactive behavior in children. A diet that does not contain sufficient nutrients, watching television for a longer period, lack of love and security may result in hyperactivity. Some parents punish their children severely for tiny reasons. Such children are likely to show ADHD symptoms. Here is a list of ADHD symptoms in children.

Hyperactive Children Symptoms

* Fidgeting, squirming
* Lack of attentiveness or limited attention span
* Non-stop talking
* Cannot sit still in one place, moving constantly.
* Cannot follow the given instructions, cannot concentrate
* Get bored with any given game within a few minutes
* Cannot study properly, cannot complete class-work and home-work
* Cannot handle or finish any given task properly
* Cannot play quietly
* Get distracted easily
* Does not listen to stories
* Always fighting with other children
* Cannot eat properly
* Act without thinking
* Cannot pay attentions to details
* Insensitive or fail to react like normal children; when they are complimented or punished

Here are some tips which might help reduce the symptoms of ADHD in hyperactive children.

How to Treat ADHD

Parents who find their child's behavior abnormal, should consult a doctor immediately. If parents notice some of the above mentioned symptoms in their children, then they should take a ADHD test for children. Only a psychotherapist can evaluate the condition of the child perfectly. Untreated ADHD can result in severe complications, later in . ADHD medications prescribed by doctors help reduce the symptoms. Teachers should also cooperate parents. They should be aware of special needs of hyperactive children. Parents and teachers should spend maximum time with these children. Parents and teachers need to follow behavior modification techniques for ADHD.

Psychotherapist may recommend herbal remedies for ADHD because side effects of these remedies are negligible. Doctors may suggest dietary alterations. Hyperactive children diet is so designed that it helps improve the function of the brain. ADHD diet for children is a balanced diet which provides essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, etc. Avoiding food allergens is absolutely essential. Parents, with the help of doctors, can teach the child how to relax. Let the child learn meditation, yoga, deep breathing techniques; for that, parents should have patience. Though it is difficult to cure ADHD, it is possible to lower the symptoms of ADHD.

I hope the above information whets your appetite regarding ADHD and hyperactive children. Love, affection, a little bit of extra attention, prompt medication and healthy diet help calm down restless children.


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