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Best Back Exercises for Men

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Best Back Exercises for Men Empty Best Back Exercises for Men

Post  mrsamct Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:25 am

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If your planning to start a workout regimen that targets your back muscles make sure you use correct form and posture. The best back exercises for men will stimulate the back muscles like the latissimus dorsi (Lats), erector spinae, trapezius, etc. The back muscles are some of the biggest muscles in our body and they need to be strengthened with exercises and weight training.

Like any other exercise regimen start your routine with 5-7 minutes of warm up exercises like running or cycling. It is crucial that you have the correct form and technique when you do any kind of workout to avoid injuries and get good results. You should not ignore the proper breathing techniques and know when to exhale and when to inhale. Set realistic goals and make sure you track your workout program to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Good Back Exercises for Men

If you looking for the best back exercises for men you have to include the deadlifts, bent over rows, shrugs and a few others. These exercises will strengthen your back muscles and will make a big difference to your posture and physique. Here are some back exercises with weights

Keep a barbell on the floor and stand close to it with your feet shoulder width apart so that your shins slightly touch the bar. Now bend your knees and go down to grip the bar just shoulder width apart with a pronated or alternate grip. Stand up straight by extending your knees and hips so that the bar ends up at your upper thighs, do not bend your arms. This is your start position, now slightly bend your knees and pushing your hips back go down so that your back is parallel to the floor and the weight ends up over your feet. Hold your breath as you go down and inhale slowly when you reach down. Exhale as you come back to the start position by extending your knees and hips. Deadlifts are the one of the best lower back exercises for men.

Lat Pull Down
Grab the lat pull down bar on the machine slightly wider than shoulder width your palms should be facing away from the body when you grip the bar. Now pull the bar down by bending your elbows pulling them down and back. Exhale as you pull down the bar, pull so that the bar ends up to chest level. Inhale while slowly returning the bar with steady hands to the start position. Keep your back straight when you do this exercise do not bend it. Use your lats to pull down the bar in a controlled movement avoid jerky movements. It is one of the best back fat exercises for men.

Bent Over Rows
Grip the barbell with a pronated grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart, now slightly bend your knees and lean your torso forward from the waist. The barbell will be hanging under you in your fully extended arms. Your back will be almost parallel to the floor, keep it straight and look ahead with your head straight. This is your start position, now bring the barbell close to your body by bending your arms at the elbow all the while keeping them close to your body. Exhale as you bring the barbell towards your body and inhale slowly as you return to the start position. You can replace the barbell with dumbbells as part of your back exercises with free weights.

Back Exercise for Men at Home

If your lifestyle doesn’t permit you to hit the gym some of the back exercises that you could do at home are pull ups, back extension, cat and camel stretch. These back exercises at home if done regularly will also help you deal with any existing back pain.

Pull Ups
All you will need for this great back strengthening exercise at home is an overhead bar from which you can hang. Stand under the bar and grip it with your palms facing away from your body just shoulder width apart. Now pull yourself up so that your chin ends up over the bar. Exhale as you go up and inhale as you come down. Do not use jerky movements when you going up, keep your body steady for good results.

Back Extension
One of the easiest back exercises at home is the back extension, lie down on your stomach on an exercise mat with your hands extended in front of you over the head. Now lift your right hand and left leg to feel a stretch in your back, lift them as high as you can in a smooth motion no jerky movements. Exhale as you take them up, hold them for a 1 count at the top and then bring them back down slowly inhaling. Repeat the movement with your left hand and right leg.

Cat and Camel
This is one of the best back pain exercises to do at home. Get into a dog like position on an exercise mat so that your hands are fully extended under your shoulder with the palms in the floor ensure that your knees are dug in the floor under your waist so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. For the cat stretch contract your back muscles and lift your spine up and lower your head forming and arc with your body. Hold this position for a ten count, repeat exercise 2-3 times. For the camel drop your spine down and lift your head up and push your stomach towards the ground. Hold position for a 10 count and repeat exercise 2-3 times. Also red through back workouts for men.

Try these best back exercises for men to strengthen your back muscles. Doing these exercises regularly will help you avoid back pain and will also improve your posture and gait. It is however advisable to talk to your physician before performing any of these exercises.


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