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Post  Mr007 Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:38 pm

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Abbey Road

The Beatles Abbeyroadob5

Abbey Road's album cover is one of the iconic photos in popular culture. In my mind, it's their crowning achievement. In a way, they saved the best for last. Although it isn't their last album in order of release, it is their last chronologically. It was the end of the biggest part of all their lives, and to be frank, they were all glad it was over. They were in, in the truest sense of the term, brothers. You need to move away from your family if you want to grow up. And so they did.

After the disastrous "Get Back" sessions(which would later be salvaged and turned into the album Let It Be), the group took a break. Finally, they all got back together, and in the spirit of their shared legacy, wanted to create one more great album. It's their cleanest album, and though it doesn't have much of their great raw energy, in terms of quality, none of their albums really come close.

Come Together was originally written as the campaign song for Timothy Leary's presidential campaign in 1968. Common sense finally got Leary arrested and John decided to use this song on Abbey Road. Thank god too, because it's one of John's coolest songs. Probably the best bass in a Beatles song.
YouTube - Beatles Come Together
Anthology version: YouTube - Come Together (Take 1, Anthology 3) - The Beatles

Frank Sinatra called Something the greatest love song ever written. Very high praise from a legend. The first line is based off of a song written by James Taylor, who actually got discovered by The Beatles' record company, Apple.
YouTube - The Beatles - Something
Anthology version(quite beautiful, just George with his guitar): YouTube - The Beatles-Something

Maxwell's Silver Hammer is one of Paul's wierder songs. That being said, it still has all the marks of a Paul song, great melodies and pretty good lyrics. I like the nice added touch of the hammer effects whenever Paul says "bang, bang"
YouTube - "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"

Oh! Darling is one of Paul's best vocal performances. It sounds like one of those 50s crooner love songs, slightly tweaked. The backing vocals are really smooth. It's unbelievable how high Paul's voice can get on this song. John never forgave Paul for not letting him taking the lead on this song, even though Paul primarily wrote it, which is weird.
YouTube - The Beatles "Oh! Darling"

Octopus's Garden is one of those polarizing songs. I've met people who think it's the best song on the album, while there are others who hate it. I think it's basically of the same quality as all the other Ringo songs, which is mediocre, but not Beatles caliber.
YouTube - Octopus's Garden

I have to admit, at first I wasn't the biggest fan of I Want You(She's So Heavy), but it's a song that has definitely grown on me. It's a really raw, signature style Lennon song. The song is probably Lennon's best on the album. There is something that happens in the song that is such a Lennonish experimental thing, the part where it goes "She's so" and then the guitar plays for about two measures and then they yell "heavvvvvvvyyyyy!". It isn't that big of a thing, but its my favorite part of the song.
YouTube - The Beatles-I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Here Comes The Sun is the second Beatles song I've ever heard. As a result, I've heard this song ALOT during my life, and have grown tired of it. I know it's a beautiful song, but personally, I think it isn't Harrison's best. It isn't his best on the album as far as I'm concerned. But some people absolutely love it, and I can respect that.

Without a doubt, Because is their best vocal performance. The lyrics are a poem written by Yoko, one where she really plays around with puns and double meanings. My favorite song of the album, I think it's absolutely beautiful.
YouTube - "because"-"the beatles" video clip

The Medley

Abbey Road has a section of songs where they all connect together. The Beatles had all these semi-finished songs, so instead of dumping them, they put them into one giant medley. If you include Because, it's, in my mind, the best section of an album in the history of pop music. The thing deserves to be listened to as a whole, so here are the youtube links to the whole thing:
Part 1: YouTube - Abbey Road Medley part1
Part 2: YouTube - Abbey Road Medley part2

You Never Give Me Your Money is one of those really great and really underrated songs by The Beatles. It's the longest song of the medley, though it contains lots of different sections. Mainly a Paul song. Shows off Paul's talent for writing catchy songs with different sections, which would show up later with Band on the Run and Live and Let Die.

Sun King is probably the weakest section of the medley. It's a great song, but in my mind slows down the flow of the thing considerably. It's in reference to Louis XIV I believe, who was called The Sun King. Also features The Beatles in their "stringing together incomprehensible foreign words" mode.

Mean Mr. Mustard A really nice song, very catchy, too short for any real analysis.

Polythene Pam Good song, for some reason I've always liked the line "Yeah you could say she's attractively built." Notice the backing vocals, they are pretty good.

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window is the second best song on the medley and in my eyes, third best song on the album. I really like the chorus. It's very clever story telling by Paul, about the teenage girls who would break into his house. He wrote this song as a tribute to one of them who he actually became friends with. Lucky girl. :p:

Golden Slumbers is the best lullaby song ever written. It is my second favorite song on the album, and is the best song in the medley. The chorus is so Paul, it's him at his sappy best. I absolutely f*cking love it.

Carry That Weight is the token song where it seems like everyone is singing along to a really catchy line and it sort of sounds disorganized but sounds really raw and emotional. You hear it a lot in rock opera concept albums, especially how it sort of reprises a part from You Never Give Me Your Money. Such a great song.

The End is well...the end. It's the only Beatles song that features a drum solo. John, Paul and George each get a turn to do a solo. The final lines really sum up the whole Beatles philosophy:

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

You thought that was the end? Well you'd be wrong. Actually, the last track is Her Majesty. It was supposed to be in between Polythene Pam and Mean Mr. Mustard, around that area, but it didn't flow right. The sound engineer was instructed never to throw away something by The Beatles. Not knowing what to do, he stuck it at the end of the album. It's a sort of unexpected thing, and the boys liked it. I can play it on guitar, it's pretty simple. It's a nice song.

This is my favorite Beatles album. 10/10

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