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That 70's Thread - Anteater's Reviews Of Cool

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 That 70's Thread - Anteater's Reviews Of Cool Empty That 70's Thread - Anteater's Reviews Of Cool

Post  Mr007 Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:25 pm

Ah the 1970's - disco, punk, krautrock, jazz fusion, prog, punk, the kitchen sink...a decade where bands would form just as quickly as they would fade into the darkness of the roadside, while others would put on shows in the long hours of the night that would put Cirque Du Soleil to shame.

Simply put, I want to use this thread as a place to entertain you with album reviews of both common classic canon and of the blackest of obscurities, extremes that characterized a very musically conscious decade where nothing was as it seemed and experimentation was rampant even when the music was radio savvy.

So sit back, light up, and PM me for links if you find any of descriptions scintillating. I have many summaries to spin and records to pull from cobwebbed shelves, all to spur your musical souls toward that ever-changing sky called Curiosity.

Read more: http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/46266-70s-thread-anteaters-reviews-cool-you-should-already-have.html#ixzz1AKP5jC42

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