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Memory Retention and Retention Strategies for College Students and University

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Memory Retention and Retention Strategies for College Students and University  Empty Memory Retention and Retention Strategies for College Students and University

Post  mrsamct Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:56 am

The brain is the super computer of the human body. Human brains are extremely complex. They consist of millions of neurons and up to ten thousand synaptic connections. Think of your brain as a huge muscle that controls almost everything in your body. Keeping in top condition is a priority in life. The brain controls all the major systems of the body, making the most important part of lives. Development of the brain is essential to becoming smarter and more capable of controlling it. Working it out just like you would lift weights plays a major role in the advancing of your intelligence. Eating properly, taking care of your body, and continuously training are keys to staying smart.

Just like the human body, your brain needs to be worked out every day to stay in shape. You also need to keep your body in good shape as they are one in the same. Taking walks, lifting weights, and eating properly are all helpful to being able to advance your intelligence. If you have no energy your brain will not function properly. Ever try to do homework super late at night. It is hard isn't it? Simply getting a full nights rest will increase your abilities. Sleep deprivation plays a major role in whether or not your brain will be functioning correctly

Another simple and enjoyable way to help the process of training the brain is eating good foods. There are three key neurotransmitters in the brain and they are Acetylcholine, Dopamine and Serotonin. Acetylcholine is responsible for memory, focus, and concentration. A few foods you can eat to boost this are, egg yolks, peanuts, meat, fish, liver, dairy products, and vegetables. Dopamine is responsible for intelligent learning. The simplest way to boost your dopamine levels with food is eat any proteins. Serotonin is responsible for learning and memory. Carbohydrates contain the building blocks for the serotonin. Pastas, potatoes, breads, cereals and starchy vegetables are all very good to boost your serotonin levels.

A good way to keep your brain in shape is to use it. As simple as it sounds many people do not do this properly. Instead of dreaming or thinking of that pointless thought, take that energy and focus it on something else. Doing something you enjoy also helps with this process. The brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body. It's easy to keep care of if you want to put the time in.

Memory Retention and Retention Strategies

For the majority of humans trying to remember the hundreds of thousands things taught to us in school is near impossible. Retention of information can be broken down into three stages. If you practice and follow a few simple steps you can improve you retention abilities.

The first stage in the remembering process is acquisition. Where did you learn this or what event took place? It is crucial in the first stage to pay very close attention to what is being taught or taking place. The second stage of retention is the consolidation phase. This is when the memory or information is sent for storage in your long term memory. At this point in time the more you focus your concentration on the information the easier it will be to extract at a later time. It is also helpful to link the memory to an older memory as it will be easier to recover.

The third and final stage is the retrieval process. This is when you actually need to pull the information out and use it. The more you think about that thought before trying to retrieve it the easier it will be to actually retrieve it in the future. If you are still having troubles trying to retrieve a certain memory it helps to be in the same place you learned what you are trying to remember. This is just one simple way to help improve your memory and there are many others.

There are also a few strategies you should take while trying to retain knowledge. Contrary to popular belief paying attention really does help a whole lot. In order for something to store properly in your brain you must actually learn what it is. Also people are very different in all sorts of ways especially in the way we learn. Many of us learn in a particular way. It is best to figure out how you learn the best and use that to your advantage. When delving into very hard studies it is best to try and learn the basic of it then associate the more complex ideas with the basics, as it will allow for better comprehension and retention. Taking new information and linking it to older information is a useful trick when trying to remember lots of material.

As with anything to do with your body, being healthy is a major key. Eating nutritionally and getting plenty of exercise play a major role in your ability to remember. Getting plenty of rest and avoiding stressful situations are easy ways to help yourself out.
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