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Magnetic Mental Control Card Trick

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Magnetic Mental Control Card Trick Empty Magnetic Mental Control Card Trick

Post  mrsamct Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:58 am

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In order to do this very simple card trick, a pair of decks of playing cards are needed. One of the packs needs to have blue backs, unprepared, the other having red backs, which needs to be prepared as follows: get 26 red backed cards and 26 blue-backed cards and arrange these up alternately to produce a typical fifty-two card pack. Roughen the faces of all the red cards along with the backs of the blue cards so once the cards are spread, only the red backs can show. Once you've prepared it in this way, the pack is usually fanned, spread on a table and also shuffled through the overhand procedure and not having to show the blue-backed cards. Immediately after this, you might take the bottom card of the pack, which will be a rough-backed blue card, and place it on top of the unprepared blue deck.

So just how exactly does this technique function? Take the blue pack from its package, fan it as to show the card faces and the blue backs and take out the Joker. After this, take the red pack out of its package and replicate a similar process as with the blue pack. After that, set the red deck down and pick up the blue faced cards, mix the top card at the center, then remove it without allowing anyone to discover what the card is, place it over the red deck and make one cut. Doing this will the card with the rough blue back to its partner, the card with the red roughened face. Your current audience's understanding until now will be that you have just eliminated a blue card from the blue backed deck and have introduced it in the red pack and have buried it using a cut and you next shuffle the reds with their faces on the front.

Your next move is usually to spread these cars on the table, face up, and invite anyone from the audience to touch one of the cards, then cut the deck at that exact same card, slide it out of the fan and hand it over to the individual from the audience, face up. This card will be a blue backed card. Then, question the spectator if he had a free preference, and ask him to turn the card over. When you turn the rest of the cards and fan them, your audience should be able to note that they are all red backed cards. Your spectator will be surprised to see that he has located the same blue card you'd just moved to the red deck.


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