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Best Selling Games For Xbox

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Best Selling Games For Xbox Empty Best Selling Games For Xbox

Post  mrsamct Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:36 pm

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If you want to rock your Xbox out with some of the best games, here are five of the hottest sellers and ones you just have to try. First, Halo Wars is a game by Microsoft that has generated a lot of buzz and received overall positive reception from its participants. An exciting and action packed game based on strategy, you get to take part in the legendary Halo world where you can command armies and also the warship companies against the alien covenant whom which you are up against. As they seek to destroy mankind forever, they pose quite a challenge and one that you will be able to plan missions against and all, also you will be able to enjoy an earlier period of the Halo universe so that you can have a go at all the events that lead up to the first Halo game, kind of like a prequel.

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution, is a game by 2K Games, which allows you to really tap into your inner history buff. You will be able to choose from over 16 different civilizations and then build them up from the beginning. Choose from Africa to China to America to Germany, based on your particular interests and passions and then build up some teams to take it over and colonize it for your own, destroying enemies that come in your way and also you can compete with online players for a more rich experience.

UBI Soft makes Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, a game that is steeped in adventure, as you can customize your own sports games as well as complete it with your own custom character making so that you can make your own weapons and choose your hair style, pick your accuracy and range and abilities, as well as play with a number of other players or just with yourself so that you can have fun in many different ways. You can also enjoy a number of action sequences, too, so that you can have a really great time.

Tropico 3 by Kalypso Media is another game you might enjoy if you like adventure and all, for you van have 15 different missions to choose from such as tourism and petroleum and mining and you can make your money this way by these methods. Also you can influence people around you and give rallying speeches so that you can get your way and rise to power.

Finally Sega of America INC brings you Thor God of Thunder, a game that is based on the Marvel comic film which lets you save the Norse worlds from the giants and do this with mad action packed scenes and abilities. Also you can throw lethal hammers and also unleash storm powers and have an amazingly mythical time doing it. If you love mythology and the gods and the old fashioned weapons then you will just adore this game with its thrills and old ancient type styles and settings as well as old weaponry. You can use various techniques to vanquish your enemies and target your enemy's weak points and also you can get weapon upgrades, too.


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