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Barn Owl - The Conjurer

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Barn Owl - The Conjurer Empty Barn Owl - The Conjurer

Post  Mr007 Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:35 pm

I came across this album by accident. Service provider upped my download speed for the same price and I tested by d/loading "an" album. This is it and what a pleasure.

Barn Owl - The Conjurer 2009

Barn Owl - The Conjurer Barn-owl-the-conjurer-lp.1
I know nothing about Barn Owl but have discovered that they are a San Francisco duo who have only released 500 copies on Vinyl. Foolishness. This should be available to us all. I do not blame the band but do blame the ever diminishing recording industry for their absolute inability to roll with the times.
Lets not go further with that.

This is a 4 track album that consists of
Into The Red Horizon
Across The Deserts Of Ash
Procession Of Golden Bones
Ancient Of Days.

Each track is a drone and psychedelic special that meets whatever film soundtrack that you have ever associated with a spaghetti western. A huge plus is the brilliantly seductive guitar work that even give of an (occasional) Pink Floyd meets Classical feel with a touch of Sun O))). Each track has the distinctive Cale drone that has adorned the underground since the 60's but has a new and contemporary less than white noise feel as well. Ancient Days is even Choral in feel and the final piano chords that finish give it a sense of finality.

This is not for the tired and weary cynics who are out to complain and search for what they do not like about music but is for those of us that enjoy the challenge of those musicians in this world that attempt to be progressive and contemporary.

Up there with the best that 09 has to offer from all genres and highly recommended.

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