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AudioSlave-"AudioSlave"-2002 Empty AudioSlave-"AudioSlave"-2002

Post  Mr007 Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:28 pm

Artist: AudioSlave
Album: "AudioSlave"
Genre: Hard Rock
Length: 65:26
Label: Interscope

AudioSlave's debut album as a so called "Supergroup" was a phenomenal success. Fronted by ex-Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog singer Chris Cornell (who found moderate success as a solo artist, with his albums "Euphoria Morning," "Carry On," and "Scream.") and ex-Rage Against The Machine members Tom Morello (guitar), Brad Wilk (drums), and Tim Commerford (bass). Formed with the help of legendary producer Rick Rubin, the band seemed to click. Although their debut album has to many subtle fragments from Soundgarden and RATM, they seem to hold their own. Morello showcases his brilliance and Cornell's singing is still as raw as ever. The album is super-charged with songs like "Cochise," "Show Me How To Live," "Gasoline," and "Shadow On the Sun." I find this album highly addictive however, the songs are all catchy and sometimes the lyrics are a little unclear, but the band members just click and there seemed to be a strong chemistry there (AudioSlave broke up in 2007).

"Cochise": An incredible way to start off the album, Morello's intro sounds like the swirling blades of a helicopter, the drums are almost hypnotic, and when Cornell's voice kicks in with that rawness it becomes a great song. The lyrics are very driven and easily understood, and finally when Cornell lets out that primal scream of "I don't feel a thing!" Simply beautiful.

"Show Me How To Live": One of my favorite songs on the album, Cornell's voice hits another home run here. The end where Cornell's voice seems to bounce up and down is actually when he is hitting his throat with his hand. Very impressive song.

"Gasoline": A very technical song, love Morello's guitar through the whole thing. It has some flaws though, Cornell's voice tries to hit those high notes but its not like when he was in Soundgarden. This song was one of the first I learned to play on the bass! The lyrics are sort of nonsense but they still work. Morello's solo is great.

"What You Are": I think this is a bit of a weak song of the album, feels stale to me. Cornell's voice just doesn't strike with me (maybe the chorus strikes me a little). Not a big fan of Tom's solo here either.

"Like A Stone": Love this song, very jazzy and blues like, the lyrics are quite depressing but well structured and Cornell's voice is just perfect. One of my favorite solos on the album too.

"Set It Off": Great intro by Morello, very video-game sounding. Lyrics, voice, and music are very solid in this song.

"Shadow On The Sun": EASILY MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM!!! Great heavy and slow tone to it and very moody, great bass, drums, and love Morello's playing, and Cornell hits this one out of the park!

"I Am The Highway": Undoubtly this is a love song, beautifully constructed.

"Exploder": Did someone say "Bring the funk?!" 'Cuz that's what they do! "There was a man who had a face that looked a lot like me, I saw him in the mirror and I fought him in the street, and when he turned away, I shot him in the head, then I came to realize, that I had killed myself" Are my favorite lines and a great example of Cornell's writing.

"Hypnotize": It does exactly what the title says, I had the chorus stuck in my head for awhile. I like the feel it has and is very funky! Morello's solo=AWESOME!!! A very well rounded song!

"Bring 'Em Back Alive": Like this song, very intense mood and heavy bassline in the beginning, Cornell shows some range/creativity with his voice.

"Light My Way": Good feel to this song and overall very impressive with the music and lyrics.

"Getaway Car": Another exemplary song, and another favorite. Acoustic fits well and is so chill.

"The Last Remaining Light": Strong song to end the album, Cornell's mysterious feel and lyrics are what drive this song. I love the line "break my bones to watch them heal."

Overall Impression:
A very strong start to AudioSlave's career, even though it only lasted about 5 years there were many memorable songs on this album. Even though there are fragments of Soundgarden and RATM, they are in a way their own entity and of course in the albums "Out of Exile" and "Revelations" they would solidify their uniqueness. I would give this album an overall rating of 9/10.

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