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That Handsome Devil - A City Dressed in Dynamite - 2008

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That Handsome Devil - A City Dressed in Dynamite - 2008 Empty That Handsome Devil - A City Dressed in Dynamite - 2008

Post  Mr007 Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:28 pm

-Well this is my first review so go easy on me guys!-

That Handsome Devil - A City Dressed in Dynamite - 2008 A-city-dressed-in-dynamite

Well i wanted to start off saying i love this band. My favorite thing to come out in my generation. Sadly enough my friend turned me on to them by playing... ugh... guitar hero 2. Well i love them now and this is my review of my persona fav album from them!

1. Damn Door

"And here he is, the star of our show, direct from the bar...."
The opening lines to this band that grabs you and directs you to the music. This jazzy type of feeling lingers on then the singer, ironically named Godforbid starts off his lyrics saying, "Love is a grudge that i wont hold you too" Pretty cool huh? I thought so. The trumpets in the chorus make the sound "jolly" to a sense. Godforbid then does a sort of acapella with his heart beats. Then a DJ scratches his voice. My favorite part of the song. By time the song ends you feel like your in for a weird ride, a ride with rusty bars that might fall off.

2. Wintergreen

Now Godforbid's vocals shine in this song showing his depth and range with cool lyrics and a just an infectious sound. Drum tom loops will hit during verses and occasionly throughout the song. A mid-to-fast tempo hits throughout the song with occasional "breaks" and then it fades to the next song

3. Rob the Prez-O-Dent

"Four score and seven beers ago.. uh" starts the songs lyrics with the guitar in a mini surf rock type riff. Lots of unexpected turns come in this song. Lots of breaks and cool lyrics as usual. Yep its about robbing the president. Instruments shine in this song more than their other one so if you like the instruments in a song check this one out. Then when the song ends, their traditional style is to use 50's sound clips to "enhance" the feel of the record.

4. Pills for Everything

Odd sounds like a crank make their way in this song with beautiful guitar in here with a funky feel with the obviously awesome lyrics. Godforbid makes your feel a part of this singing not talking in a great way. "Brimstone fire and new gold chains, cigarette lighters and cut cocaine." Yep, its a lyric buddy! It also ends with another clip from the 50's

5. Cry

A cool song with a cool drum beat and cool guitar, "Its gonna make you cry." When the song shifts, it goes into this surf rock thing with awesome guitar and drums with backing vocals and then it shifts back to the normal song

6. Kiss the Cook

"Early morning before the kids wake for school, with her boyfriend, sitting in the living room." I dont know what to explain this in a genre, it has blues elements but i cant think of anything else except originality. It doesnt change, it stays the same beat but the lyrics are suave as usual, if your too cool to listen to a slow song, skip it, its great song so dont touch your music player and just relax to this song.

7. Viva Discordia

The 50's clip starts the song with a grunt from Godforbid. If your not spanish (which im not) viva discordia means "praise craziness" which is what this song is! A polka like beat with jingly guitar with the usual lyrics you'll expect from these guys. After a while, the beat shifts with a tuba, yes a tuba, and its awesome. Godforbid just utters words which sounds awesome. Then some George Bush lyrics kick off about the Iraq War, "Looking for Osama bin la da da da da.."

8. Squares

Whats new? Another 50's clip for the intro! This is my favorite song from That Handsome Devil, its got a infectious beat with guitars and other instruments with some hard edge to it. "Dont bring your circle around here, their all a bunch of squares." Possibly my favorite vocal performance from these guys. Then a break kicks in with the backing vocals the with a build up then it returns to end the song.

9. Mexico

Guitar starts it with another cool beat that infects you. "Up all day thinking like crazy, i cant get sleep, im tired of waiting." A little spanish is spit by Godforbid with a spanish like guitar style. You can bob your head to this as well so its pretty catchy. It ends with another 50's clip about young people which sounds pretty cool.

10. Reagan's Kids

Yep its about kids born in the 80's. Opening vocals start "Hanging on the wall, dragging on the floor, good twisted up with a knot, right where Lennon was shot." Its a jazzy beat with some quite heavy crashes by the drums with a cool sounding guitar in the chorus. Nothing changes beat-wise but guitar sounds change in a beautiful way.

11. Tree Food/ Atom Shell

Finally the last song whew! No beat on the beginning of Tree Food portion of this song, but it holds one of the best vocal/lyrical performances i heard. It begins with accordions and other instruments, nothing a typical rock band uses. Later on, a snare roll brings the song into a beat with slight hints of guitar and it sounds AWESOME! then the song will fade for a good minute or two when the secret song hits, Atom Shell. Its worth the wait because it starts with yet another 50's clip but with a cool guitar riff. "These are the thrill seekers, corrupt, and immoral." Then the beat starts with their best instrument performance. "I will destroy this place if i have to slamming against the walls of the bathroom. Banging on your Atom Shell, banging, banging on your atom shell." Theirs nothing bad about this song. Instruments are excellent and so is the vocals. Then the song is over. :p:

Please tell me how I did guys! im a noob so dont judge harsh please

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