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As A Lion- "One Day As A Lion"

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As A Lion- "One Day As A Lion" Empty As A Lion- "One Day As A Lion"

Post  Mr007 Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:22 pm

[QUOTE=APCTOOL91;769314]Artist: One Day As A Lion
Album: One Day As A Lion
Release Date: July 22nd 2008
Length: 20:20
Label: ANTI-

One Day As A Lion is a musical experiment consisting of Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine and Jon Theodore of The Mars Volta, they released their 5 track self-titled debut EP on July 22nd 2008. The lyrics are reminiscent of Zack’s days in Rage Against The Machine, politically driven with angst and he even incorporates a little bit of singing. Jon Theodore uses his unique style of drumming and incorporates a punk and hip-hop feel to the album. Yeah sure five songs doesn’t seem like much for an EP let alone for a debut, and sure much of it is Rage Against The Machine without the hard hitting basslines and funky and unique guitar playing and solos. They seem to carry their own though and hopefully they will continue to play and record an actual full length album.


1.) “Wild International”- The first single off the album, driven with that Keyboard riff and Theodore’s awesome drumming. Zack’s lyrics talk of war and religion and how they intertwine. Zack’s flow is incredible, this track is probably the strongest on the whole album.

2.) “Ocean View”- There isn’t much you can do with a keyboard, drums, and lyrics, but they somehow pull it off. Zack’s flows are still going punch for punch and the drumming is keen to making this song, I think you can consider the chorus as Zack singing? Either way a good song but not great, but the climax to the song really helps give it something. I do believe it is the weakest song on the album though.

3.) “Last Letter”- Great drumming intro by Theodore, his drumming drives this track too. Zack’s lyrics somewhat deal with panic and maybe Armageddon. Once again the climax to this song takes it from a decent song to a good song, but still not a great song.

4.) “If You Fear Dying”- My favorite track on the EP, I love Zack’s flow and lyrics in this album. Just the chorus alone is great and there is such a great flow to the whole song Zack’s voice is also very unique during the chorus and gives it so much energy.

5.) “One Day As A Lion”- The self-titled track, it combines the very essence of hip hop and the rock feel, felt throughout the whole EP. I would say this song is the second strongest track lyrically on the album.

My overall impression of the album is a 3.5 stars out of 5. I really love RATM and The Mars Volta, and I hope One Day As A Lion can release a full length album, but this is a great way to start[/QUOTE]

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