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Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom

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Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom Empty Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom

Post  Mr007 Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:51 am

Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom 493993

Track Listing

01. Five Seconds (ft.featuring Odd Nosdam) - 4:20
02. Mojo (featuring Rahzel and Dan The Automator) – 3:40
03. Don't Even Trip (featuring Amon Tobin) – 5:46
04. Getaway (featuring Kool Keith) – 3:22
05. Your Neighborhood Spaceman (featuring Jel and Odd Nosdam) 5:45
06. Kill the DJ (featuring Massive Attack) – 4:09
07. Caipirinha (featuring Bebel Gilberto) – 2:46
08. Celebrity Death Match (featuring Kid Koala) – 3:42
09. How U Feelin? (featuring Doseone) – 2:44
10. Sucker (featuring Norah Jones) – 2:33
11. We're Not Alone (remix) (featuring Dub Trio) – 5:10

Peeping Tom, another notch on Mike Pattons ever-expanding resume of band work. He's done it all, alternative metal with Faith No More and experimental rock/ avant-garde with Mr. Bungle (as well as many other bands) but 2006 saw his attempt at a mix of Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop/ Electro which as always he succeeds in creating an eclectic sound that very few can rival.

Each song features a different guest which leads each song in a very different direction. Some songs go in a very mellow tone, then others have a bit more of a dynamic shift between the soft-verse-heavy-chorus so boredom is never a problem, which I have found can be a problem with trip-hop albums. While most trip-hop albums tend to be the kind where you put it on and start doing something else while it plays as white noise in the background, Peeping Tom is very different as it requires you to pay attention because it can catch you off guard.

The guest artists are what really pull the album together as they all seem to fit into the song that they're in.

Production wise it's a perfect blend of studio action with the finishing touches added delicate and sparsely which is something a lot of electronic albums seem to think isn't necessary. The beats are all well made and will have you bobbing your head along.

There are no real weak songs on this album, each has it's purpose and serves it well. Lyrically it's your typical Patton work, which can basically be summed up into one word, weird.

These three songs I found really stood out above the rest.

In particular;

"Mojo (ft. featuring Rahzel and Dan The Automator)". The first single off the album and arguably the best song. Starting with a weird beat box intro it quickly melts into a Middle Eastern guitar riff with a heavy palm muted bass line and drum beat. Lyrically it's fairly easy to follow, the perspective of a drug user. Very catchy it is easy to see why it was chosen as the first single.

"Your Neighborhood Spaceman" (featuring Jel and Odd Nosdam)". One of the more relaxed songs on the album, it's one of those songs you just put on, lay back, and get swept away. Patton really shows off his ability to ride the beat in this song.

Lastly the albums third track, "Don't Even Trip" (featuring Amon Tobin)" is arguably the second best on the album. It's a good blend of the beat driven "chill" songs with the ferocity of "Five Seconds" or "We're Not Alone" with the soft/loud dynamic. Flows very well and really showcases Patton's vocal diversity.

Overall this is a very strong album, if you're a fan of Mike Patton's previous work then chances are you will enjoy this. I do not believe in giving scores so instead I will give this a recommendation if you're interested in a good stepping stone in Trip-Hop or Electronic music. It's got the popish hooks but with a darker content.

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Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom Empty Re: Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom

Post  nirvana Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:38 pm

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