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The Power of Healing Fingers

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The Power of Healing Fingers Empty The Power of Healing Fingers

Post  mrsamct Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:26 am

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About Acupressure
But the more you’d probably know about acupressure, the less you might feel you’re loaded with, information wise. Acupressure is simply nothing but the usage of your fingers or the use of hand pressure instead of needles. Its ultimate goal is the same as acupuncture’s; to stimulate what Chinese medical practitioners call chi—the body’s most basic healing energy. Acupressure however, is the older, original technique, perhaps a Chinese home remedy that gave rise to the more "technological" approach of acupuncture.

Many physicians and health professionals say that both these techniques are powerful methods for pain relief and disease treatment. A simple reason why this would be the case is because, as many sciences of the world are soon discovering, most body pain is nothing but a result of gas locked in your body. Ayurveda believes that there are roughly three specific things that need to be tackled to maintain a great equilibrium; this very briefly is the accurate balance of the ‘kaph’, the ‘vat’, and ‘Pitta’. These respectively relate to the phlegm, gas, and fire in your body. And most of the gas if inappropriate in its measure in your body, is prone to give you pain in any part of your body. So what acupressure would ideally do is to remove this gas that causing pain to get dislocated from where it’s got set in, with your own two hands.

What Acupressure is all about
Acupressure as a subject is rather vast to be discussed in one chapter, but lets understand the general logic behind the magic of using your own fingers to your benefit. An advantage of pressure over puncture is that you can do it on your own, with a little knowledge and of course some time. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the rest is easy, in fact, it’s also simple and safe. The only place where you might be wrong in your mastery over Acupressure, would be if you apply too much pressure, but like I said earlier, that’s just about it. An important point to note about Acupressure, like any other healing method, is that besides faith, you also need to have the patience, as this is a slow process. Like the pain that took such a long time to get manifested, so it will be with the pace of healing.

In some way Acupressure can also be associated with touch therapy. The movement of your hands; as you rub them over your temples; or the bending of your upper body in times of an acute stomach ache are all types of acupressure that we’ve learnt over time. Rubbing your hands releases the energy that is innately your own. All you would possibly is to revitalize It to your benefit. Like when you experience a headache, you could press on to your thumb and index finger and place the former under your palm and the latter over it. If you observe closely, you would probably find a lump of pain that travels so slowly but when struck by you can make you move your fingers, (so far placed by you) jerk off in a fraction of a second.

The energy flows through the body freely, like electricity is conducted through circuits. But the fact is that none of us is totally healthy. We all resort to pills and aspirins for our healing process forgetting that there is such a thing as natural healing too. It is true that Acupressure can be used only to arrest all aches and pains, not illnesses. If you’ve ever noticed, when you lay emphasis on the area of pain, despite it hurting excruciatingly, it also seems to lessen, especially if you know the pressure points. Even spiritual blocks, such as difficulty meditating, can be relieved with acupressure points.

Basically as the theory goes, your body is a big city, the meridians are the subway lines and the points are the subway stops. In acupressure, the points are located on two of these meridians. One known as the governing channel, links the spinal column, brain and nervous system and runs from the tailbone at the base of the spine up the back and over the top of the head to the center of the upper lip. The other, called the conception channel, is linked to the digestive and reproductive systems and flows from the head to the perineum (the space between the anus and the genitals).

To relax an area or relieve pain, first press the points gently for 30 seconds. Increase the pressure until it’s quite firm, holding it for one to three minutes. Then release slowly and gently, again taking about 30 seconds to come off the points. When you’re working on acupressure. Use your thumbs and fingers and the heels of your hands to knead the points as well as the areas around them, just like you would knead dough to make bread. But always be gentle. You don’t want to injure yourself. After all you’re doing all of this to reduce your pain, not increase it altogether! What you really need to do is turn in your fingers into healing instruments, the rest then just flows in naturally!


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