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Red Dots on Face

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Red Dots on Face Empty Red Dots on Face

Post  mrsamct Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:57 am

Anything that damages the appearance of the face is no doubt an unpleasant change, right? Occurrence of red dots on face is frustrating and brings embarrassment, especially when someone points out this unusual change on the facial skin. Red dots on skin may cause mild irritation, but is not at all bothersome. Read more on red dots on body.

Red Dots on Face - Causes

The inner layer of the skin consists of innumerable tiny blood vessels. As we all know, the blood vessels carry blood and ensure that each and every organ is getting sufficient amount of blood. Blood vessels lie very close to the outer layer of the skin - the epidermis. Any action or activity that puts excessive strain on the facial blood vessels, can damage these blood carriers. This internal damage on the blood vessels, often manifests on the outermost layer of the skin, in the form of red dots on face.

Many people consider these red dots as heat rash. However, red dots on face and heat rash are totally different skin problems. These tiny spots that may also appear on the back and chest, do not look like blisters or pimples. So suggesting it as a heat rash is definitely an incorrect diagnosis.

Red Dots on Face After Vomiting
Vomiting is considered to be the main cause behind formation of red dots on face and neck. When a person vomits, blood vessels close to the face are most affected. Most often, vomiting action causes broken blood vessels, which causes accumulation of blood in certain areas of facial skin and neck. This is often seen as red dots on face and neck.

Red Dots on Face After Coughing
Vomiting is not the only reason why people experience red dots on face. Other factors can also contribute to this abnormal change on face. Persistent or frequent coughing can also put undue pressure on the blood vessels of the face. This in turn, triggers, rupturing of these blood vessels, which eventually causes formation of red dots on face. These tiny spots may appear in large number all over the face.

Allergic Reaction
Taking medicines that cannot be tolerated by the body can give rise to an allergic reaction, which many a times affects the skin. Symptoms of food allergies can also affect the skin and cause development of red dots on face. Identifying the foods and medications that trigger these mild allergic reactions using skin allergy test can definitely help to avoid these skin problems. Read more on allergies

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Those in a habit of sneezing hard or following a rigorous exercise routine daily, may also suffer from red dots on face, as these activities do put strain on facial blood vessels. Medical treatment is not required for red dots on face. This unsightly appearance vanishes after a few days. However, in order to ease the irritation, one can use skin moisturizers. This will help to soothen the skin considerably. In other words, this is a temporary skin problem that does not demand a visit to a dermatologist.
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