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Boys on Tour - A best Man's Guide to a Dublin Stag Party

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Boys on Tour - A best Man's Guide to a Dublin Stag Party Empty Boys on Tour - A best Man's Guide to a Dublin Stag Party

Post  mrsamct Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:02 pm

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So your best mate has sealed the deal and he's gone down on bended knee at last. You all thought he'd hold out for another year, but no, a wedding is on the cards. It's an honour to be made Best Man, but as soon as the pride and glory has worn off, it's down to business.

First and foremost - the Stag party. While a VIP trip to Vegas might have been on the cards a few years ago, we're all a bit short of cash these days. So how do you get the best bang for your buck? Dublin is legendary for stag parties and you can hop on a flight to Dublin or Cork, or get a ferry to Dublin or Ferry to Cork (If you do take the ferry to Dublin, the Holyhead to Dublin route takes under two hours while the Pembroke to Rosslare route takes around four hours)

Get as far from home as you can on a budget (If you're going to embarrass him, or yourself, do it somewhere where they don't know you) There are good deals to lots of local European cities.

Know the local language - That's why a stag in Dublin is smart. If you're going to chat up some local lassies, it helps if you speak the same language. Ditto for explaining to an officer of the law why you're mate is sellotaped to a shopping trolley in a tutu. Not that you'd ever condone such behaviour.

Go for the easy option - Some planned activities are fun, but not too many, and make sure the plans suit all ages and health levels. Paintballing might be a bit too rough and tumble for the father in law! Dublin is packed full of activates around the city centre that are enjoyable without being too much like hard work. If you get the Ferry to Dublin you can bring your own car, so getting around is a lot easier.

Top destinations are visits to the Jameson Distillery, the legendary Guinness Storehouse and the vibrant Temple Bar, where bars and restaurants are full of group deals aimed at large groups. If you have to go to a nightclub, try Break for the Border for a general crowd pleaser with a door policy tolerant of stags, or Temple Bar where many of the pubs are late night and have live trad music and dancing like the Oliver St John Gogerty.

Golfing is a great stag activity - it suits all ages, even beginners and it's a great way to mix a gang of lads up who may not all be friends. By getting the Ferry to Dublin you can bring your own clubs, and enjoy a few drinks in the bar on board. The ferry is a lot more relaxed than a plane, it's true that the holiday starts as soon as you board the ferry, instead of when you get off at your destination. Airport queues and check in times can also be a hassle.

Passports for the stag - Someone's always bound to forget their passport, but that's part of the best man's job isn't it? If you are flying somewhere, all you can do is send everyone a reminder text one week before and then the night before and hope they bring it. If you're getting the ferry to Dublin, you may not need a passport at all, but will need some form of ID. Check the site of the ferry you are travelling with and find out.

Good luck! And if you do get to play some golf, may the ‘Best Man' win!


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Boys on Tour - A best Man's Guide to a Dublin Stag Party Empty Re: Boys on Tour - A best Man's Guide to a Dublin Stag Party

Post  Johnny_97 Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:12 pm

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