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Post  mrsamct Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:23 am

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This therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow and involves the use of inflated pumps. In this form of therapy, the arms and legs are enclosed in inflated pumps, which alternatively deflate and inflate controlling the amount of pressure that is applied. The pressure applied by this inflation and deflation is similar to a massage, and helps the lymph to flow freely.

Pressotherapy and anticellulite machines, though an option, fail to produce the same results as a massage by a trained therapist. There are limitations to the use of these machines, and it is recommended to seek medical advice before using either of them for lymphatic drainage. Though lymphatic drainage is ideal to get rid of cellulite, it cannot give optimal results unless combined with exercise and eating right. Drink lots of water which will also help your body discard the toxins, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and exercise regularly. Getting rid of cellulite does not happen in a jiffy, it requires a good amount of patience and a lot of will power to keep up with a healthy routine, and to tone your body and get back in shape.


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