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Post  lunamoonfang Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:35 am

[INDENT]The third major studio release by the grossly popular Dayton, Ohio metalcore group, With Roots Above and Branches Below is yet another set by The Devil Wears Prada leaving me asking, "Why are these guys so damn popular?". The album includes all of the classic elements of this scene-elite band: mediocre breakdowns, obnoxious screaming vocals (which are also WAY too loud in the mix), whiny singing, and simple keyboard rhythm sections. The album as a whole is just more of the "average" sound that TDWP has always had. Their 2007 release Plagues gave some promise for the record to follow, especially with the band being signed to Ferret Music after that release, but With Roots Above and Branches Below was hardly a step forward, and more like a step sideways. TDWP seems to like what they do best - mediocrity - and that is what they have continued to do on this record. And with the masses of scene-sters and hip-hardcore-metal kids following them and bowing at their feet, it is really no surprise.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]TDWP frontman Mike Hranica is quoted for saying "[With Roots Above and Branches Below] is definitely going to be darker, heavier, and more epic. Expect a much heavier, more metal record." All I have to say is, "Thanks for getting our hopes up, Mike!" Plagues, for me, had some really quality metal tracks, and I was hoping that the band would expand on that sound on this new record, but it truly disappoints. And still I am left wondering why this band is so popular![/INDENT]
[INDENT]If you liked Plagues, don't buy this record. If you didn't like Plagues, don't buy this record. If you spent 45 minutes straitening your hair and uploading pictures of it to Myspace this morning, well... go ahead, buy it.[/INDENT]

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