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Bright Eyes-I'm Wide Awake, And It's Morning Review Part 1

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  Bright Eyes-I'm Wide Awake, And It's Morning Review Part 1   Empty Bright Eyes-I'm Wide Awake, And It's Morning Review Part 1

Post  Mr007 Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:35 pm

Release Date: 2005

Signed To: Saddle Creek Records

I'm gonna break this whole CD down, track by track:

1-At The Bottom Of Everything
At the beginning, Conor Oberst(the lead singer of Bright Eyes)tells an interesting, yet demented monologue, talking about a plane crash, and then the music starts, talking about the faults of the world, talking about death very often in the song, plus his opinion on the church, while still staying on topic of the plane crash, and on this track, I give it a very much needed 7/10

2-We Are Nowhere And It's Now
A sad song in a happy key, the song talks about leaving someone he cares about, and how it can mess up a person's head, because missing someone is the worst way to think about. But later in the song, he talks about meeting new people, and reuniting with old friends and family, for the short amount of time you have. He quotes: "I've been sleeping so strange at night,side effects they don't advertise,I've been sleeping so strange,with a head full of pesticide." It takes more than a head full of pesticide to write this song, so I give this a fair 6/10

3-Old Soul Song(For The New World Order)
This song is most likely the only slow acoustic song talking about a very violent riot on the streets. The way he describes the riot is accurate, as this happens a lot, but he adds a sad love song touch into the song, which makes it more unique than it is. The more I listen to this song alone, the more I feel like Bright Eyes is more and more underrated as possible. As I vote the underrated song of the album, I give this an 8/10

The song that reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart, Lua is a sad acoustic strummer, talking about how it sucks to be lonely, turned down, ignored, problematic, and how to drink and party all night, hope for it to be taken all away and hate for the morning to come to you. This song proves how loneliness can make one amazing acoustic song, and how to get it famous too. This song deserves a well-deserved 9/10

Part 2 of this coming on the way, can't finish it right now :jailed:

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