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Back Workouts for Men

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Back Workouts for Men Empty Back Workouts for Men

Post  mrsamct Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:25 am

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Remember the shot from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'Commando' where he gets into an inflatable boat and starts rowing, his back almost covers the entire screen. Effective back workouts for men will help you develop good back muscles and lose some of the accumulated fat around your waist. The back muscles are some of the biggest muscles in our body and you need to stimulate them with an effective weight training program.

The latissimus dorsi, trapezius, erector spinae, etc. are some of the muscles in the back which need to be stimulated with back exercises. Most people concentrate on the bicep or chest for their upper body workouts, neglecting the back muscles and then wonder why they are not getting the right physique or posture. The back muscles are the major contributors to your posture and strong back muscles will also allow you to lift heavy weights when you doing other exercises like squats. Back workouts for women include almost the same exercises as their male counterparts.

Best Back Workouts for Men

When devising back workouts for men you need to pay special attention to the latissimus dorsi muscles also known as the 'Lats'. A few tips before you start your back exercises, always do a 5-7 minute warm routine, correct form and posture are crucial, and remember to do some back stretches when you finish.

Back Workout # 1
It is essential to inculcate strength gaining exercises in your back workout routine if you want to lift heavy poundage when indulging in good back workouts for men. One of the best ways to improve your strength without using weights is doing 2-3 sets of pull ups till you hit fatigue. Deadlifts are also an integral part of good back exercises, they are the best lower back exercises for men.

* Pull Ups X 2-3 sets (Each Set Fatigue Level)
* Bent Over Dumbbell Rows X 3 sets 12-10-8 reps
* Seated Rows X 3 sets 12-10-8 reps
* Romanian Deadlifts X 2 sets 12-10 reps

Finish your workout with some stretching exercises. Maintaining correct form when you perform back exercises is crucial to avoid injuries. Concentrate of the worked muscles when you are doing back workout with dumbbells or barbells.

Back Workout # 2
Want to workout for developing size but don't know how! Try upper back workouts which allow you to lift heavy poundage. To stimulate your muscles to grow big you need to stress them and the easiest way of doing that is lifting heavy weights with correct technique. Try Sumo deadlifts, get in 3-4 repetitions with heavy weights. Also do the lateral pull down exercise behind the back for good back exercise for men.

* Bent Lateral Raises X 3 sets 12-10-8 reps (Maintain correct form)
* Barbell Shrugs X 3 sets 12-10-8 reps (Go with heavy weights)
* Lat Pull Down X 3 sets 12-10-8 reps
* Sumo Deadlifts X 2 sets 12-10 reps

Remember to exhale and inhale correctly when you are performing these exercises. Exhale as you lift the weight and inhale as you let the weight back down.

Back Workout # 3
Lower back exercises will help you strengthen the core muscles and improve your stability. Just doing back extension's isn't enough, you need to stimulate the muscles with weights to acquire optimum results. Good mornings and stiff leg deadlifts are some of the best back workouts for mass, you just need to be careful with the posture and technique to avoid injuries. For lower back and lat workouts for men try exercises like

* Good Mornings X 3 sets 12-10-8 reps (Maintain correct form)
* One Arm Dumbbell Rows X 3 sets 12-10-8 reps (Go with heavy weights)
* Reverse Fly (Machine) X 2 sets 10-8 reps
* Stiff leg Deadlifts X 2 sets 12-10 reps

After lower back workouts for men remember to do back stretching routine to avoid any aches and pains related to lifting weights.

Back workouts for men if supported with proper diet and rest will give you the desired results in quick time. With a little discipline and hard work in the gym you can also get the elusive 'V' shape but remember to consult your physician before you start on your back exercises routine.


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